Seeing in a Mirror, No More Dimly but as God sees itself; Self Love.

Conflicts end when humanity finds its self as One Unity of Self Love through the realization that it is Self Love itself. The primary cause of all human conflict is ultimately one's unknowing of self. Self knowledge is therefore key in conflict resolution. The self is always that what loves itself; it is Self Love. Self Love unbeknownst of being Self Love causes self-discord. Love-realization happens when humanity realizes it is literally Self Love itself. Not just Love but Self Love. It is when one realizes it is Self Love in the flesh and accepts its self as such. It is only so that it will see all Life in the same light for all Life is in reality Self Love made manifest for it springs forth from the source of Self Love itself; God. The definition we have about Life is ultimately a self-limiting abstraction; it results in the inter-systemic conflicts that societies of past and present have long sought to address. Acceptance as Self Love is the key for ending conflicts. Life is not Life, Life is Self Love realized as Life. Awake O Sleeper; thou art worthy of loving self for thou art self love itself!
~ Wald