Brahman Desires Companionship.

Those who proclaim that there is only Brahman are correct. Brahman is singular but perceives itself as plural not to be alone. Aloneness is the cause and Companionship is the purpose. It is not good to be alone. All this for Love, for Companionship, for Friendship, not to feel alone! That which is Life is in truth the eternal Brahman experiencing itself as itself not to feel alone. The perception of otherness and Life temporal serves but the purpose to experience Love. Love is the one and only purpose of Life diversified for Life diversified is Brahman experiencing itself for Love.  There is nothing to fight neither anything to fear for that which thou art is the eternal Brahman. Life is Brahman and Brahman is Eternal. Fear thus not but rejoice! Celebrate your individuality but remain firmly rooting in knowing that thou as well as all that is is Brahman.
~ Wald