The Observer is the Center of the Universe.

I find it baffling indeed that nobody understands how to determine the center of the universe. It is quite easy really by using reverse engineering. The observer is the center of the universe. What it means is that the center of the universe can be determined by the location of the observer. There is no mystery really. We are the observer. Earth is the center of the universe alright. The One, the singularity or whatever you want to call it, is right here at the center of earth. It is a misconception that the universe has no center. Really, the big bang (the term is an abstraction) happened at the center of earth; a cosmic orgasm of sorts out of this intense desire to love and be loved.  Even if you don't believe in the Romantic notion mentioned above, at least you must believe in spontaneous creation (the Self birthing itself).  There's no sensible way for the universe not to have earth at its center for the universe was birthed out of earth's center. The One that giveth birth is the center of earth. The cosmic microwave background data is therefore corrupted for it is being observed by the observer which naturally causes fluctuating results. The observer causes the quantum wave to collapse; it is this what existence is in a nutshell. The center of the universe can be determined: the center of the universe is the observer; it's Earth.
~ Wald