Of Course Jesus Did Not Die.

There is a lot of confusion about birth and death, the resurrection, reincarnation, The Eternal Life. The message is simple. Fear not for Thou Art The Eternal Life perceiving itself as Life temporal, as Life diversified, as Man and Woman, for Love. Yes, Love! It is not Good for God to be alone. There are several ways to understand this. It is correct that there is only God and that as such everything and all is always God. God itself is. God cannot die. Human is God perceiving itself as Human for Love. That what is Life is God. That's not the highest truth but it leads the way to understanding that there is no such thing as death. Death simply does not exist. It is a fallacy to state that 'God cannot be human because God cannot die and stop existing like humans' for there is nothing but God experiencing itself as itself. That which is Life is God experiencing itself as itself. Life is God perceiving itself as variegated, as diverse, as man and woman, not to feel alone. Again; it is not good to be alone. There is absolutely no division whatsoever. Division is the fallacy of all fallacies. There is no such thing as plurality either in reality. All others are but God experiencing itself to Love and Be Loved in return. There is nothing to fight either. Why would God fight itself? It is utterly absurd. The purpose for the sensory perception of illusion is to experience Companionship, Friendship, Love! Love is indeed the first and greatest commandment for all that is here is God desiring Love. Love each other, there is no other. And yes, of course Jesus did not die. Jesus is God and God is Eternal. Same for all of you. You are The Eternal Life experiencing itself as itself but as diversified to consummate this innate desire to Love and Be Loved in return. All this for Love; not to feel alone! All of you are guaranteed safe passage without exception, no wo-man-kind left behind. Fear thus not but simply surrender to Love. It's all G-d for there is nothing but G-d. No worries.
~ Wald