Oneself is the Holy Trinity.

In 'De Trinitate' Saint Augustine of Hippo states that if we want to know something about the Trinity, we simply need to take a look inside ourselves. Why? Because God's strong (Love) force holds together even the tiniest atoms; it holds itself (God) together. All of creation is God manifesting itself. God is One because God is Oneself meaning that all of existence is God manifesting itself. Oneself Indivisible is the Holy Trinity; it is God's strong loving force present in the totality of its own existence; this existence being One; this One being God in which itself exists. Naming the first detonation of a nuclear device, 'Trinity' is ignorance at its peak.  Similarly, the 'Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds' quotation which Robert Oppenheimer took (out of its context) from the Bhagavad-Gita shows once again man's ignorance of Self for it literally means 'Now I am become Death, the destroyer of Self, I destroy my Self out of my own unknowing'. Those working in the fields of nuclear energy must be thought the meaning of the sentence 'everything has its birth from the self.' . It is very concerning that there are some in science who are unknowing of the very state of their own beingness. Humankind must stand strong in its conviction to abolish nuclear weapons for they cause the destruction of One's very own Self, this Self which humanity calls God. Support the missions of ICANCTBTO, and UNODA. One Indivisible Self as in "I" is the Holy Trinity. Lest come together as One for we are.
~ Wald