Self-Love Underwrites Its Own Existency.

All Love, even God's Love, is Self-Love in its truest sense for the Lover seeks to Love and to be Loved in return (thus resulting in its own manifestation). Self-Love is thus the foundation upon which it builds itself. In other words: Self-Love underwrites its own existency; all that exists is Self-Love (experiencing) itself; it is One without a second for it revels in itself unbeknownst of any self-doubt, indeed, very much like a child. In order to clarify the above, we can simply look at the Sanskrit definition of the word Self-Love. It identifies the Self (ฤ€tma) as God (ฤ€tman) thus resulting in ฤ€tma-Prema or Self-Love. In conclusion, Self-Love is the origin of its own manifest Self; it is the underlying reality of its own superimposed manifestation (life, earth, universe, et al). It's perfectly fine to simply call it God, Self or Love for God is Self and Love rolled all into one.
~ Wald