Beyond Quantum Mechanics: Return to the Self: The Need to Love and Be Loved

The instantaneous collapse of the wave function is caused by the collective consciousness. What it means is that the collective consciousness causes its own instantaneous self-manifestation. What is the collective consciousness? It is all that is (manifest) and all that is not (unmanifest) since the first moment of Self-inception. It is its own directive. What it means is that the collective is upholding its Self. The collective is not limited to humankind; neither to time and space. Please note that I am not a fan of quantum mechanics, neither the concept of consciousness for these are all abstractions; existence simply self-exists out of the need to love and be loved. It is essentially all there is to it. We just need to love each other and come together as one. It is quite simple really. Love is the only reality.
~ Wald