The Self-observing Universe & the 'Eigenkollaps' Theory in reference to QWFC

The Self-observing Universe & the 'Eigenkollaps Theory' in reference to QWFC. It almost seems certain to me that 'Eigenkollaps' is at the very heart of creation and the true nature of the quantum wave function collapse. The Self-observing universe causes its own collapse, its own creation.  In other words: the collective consciousness* causes its own collapse meaning that it simply collapses itself into creation by observing itself; no, strike that, Oneself collapses itself into beingness. This collapse of the Self, the 'Eigenkollaps', is the method of Self-actualization where Oneself goes from unmanifest to manifest, — although these words are technical abstractions, they serve their purpose to describe the One Self birthing process. I.e.: Oneself causes its own manifestation (an instantaneous Self-caused collapse/creation) by not observing itself but by desiring Love itself. The universe would, therefore, not only is One Self-existent plenum; the Universe is Oneself and Oneself has named itself the Universe. Eigenkollaps builds upon the theory of Implicate Order and Coherence proposed by Dr. David Bohm and, Dr. Stephen Hawking's theory of Spontaneous Creation. If the unifying Eigenkollaps theory stands correct, it would once again underline the importance for humanity to come together as One. For now, I have requested the assistance of Dr. Steven M Girvin at Yale's Department of Physics to verify these findings. * the collective consciousness in its totality from the first moment of Self-inception. - Reply received from Dr. Girvin (09/06/2019): "... I regret I don’t know how to formulate something for this idea. I recall this idea of self observation was one that John Archibald Wheeler called ‘It from Bit’."
~ Wald Wassermann