There is only G-D; all this for Love; not to feel alone!

The answer to the question - are we supposed to be afraid of G‑d? - is that there is only G-d. I=I and I=Love. Yes; אֶהְיֶה אֲשֶׁ×Ø ×ֶהְיֶה. So why would G-d be afraid of itself? It is absurd. G-d is undivided but perceives itself as diversified, as variegated, as man and as woman, not to cause itself fear, not to cause itself anxieties, not to cause itself suffering, no, the purpose why G-d perceives itself as variegated, as diversified, as man and woman is not to be alone, for Companionship, Friendship, to Love and Be Loved in return. It is true that division is a sensory illusion. The illusion exists not to feel alone. It is not good to feel alone. All this for Love; not to feel alone! Know that all is always G-d and feel only Love for all that is, for all that is is G-d desiring Love. Love is the meaning- and purpose of Life. There is no other purpose but Love.
~ Wald