The collective consciousness collapses the wave function.

The collective consciousness collapses the wave function. The subject, the object and the observation is consciousness itself which is also known as the Self; they are One and the same. Seeing a difference between any of these is an abstraction, an illusion of sorts. All is One in reality. What it means is that we are collectively causing the collapse of the quantum wave function. The origin of Self is Self. We are Self-caused. We are both creator and creation. We, collectively, are collapsing our own reality into manifestation. What is the collective? The collective is Earth and all that it entails. Earth is highly consciousness itself; so are all its elements. Earth holds the central role in the universe for it is the place where all consciousness is gathered. Even though it may not be in the geometrical center; Earth certainly is the (its own) control center. Seeing Earth and ourselves as insignificant is an error of Self-existential proportions. We collectively are our own creation. All has its birth from the Self. Existence is Self-Born.
~ Wald