Allah Desires Love.

Is it true that the purpose of Life is Love? Of course it is. The purpose is to love and be loved. There is no other purpose! Let me illustrate this with the example of Allah. Naturally, we can replace Allah with God or Brahman and ultimately Oneself without an other for there is only Oneself as division does not exist. Allow me to explain. Allah is all one. Yes. But that's not all you see. Allah is alone. Indeed, Allah is lonely for Allah is One without a second. The All One is Alone. Here's thus why diversity exists. The reason why Allah exists as variegated is indeed loneliness. Allah seeks companionship. Companionship is commonly known as Love. Allah seeks to love and be loved. All manifoldness is indeed onefoldness. This onefoldness is Allah. Allah seeks to love and be loved. All this is Allah. There is nothing but Allah. See all as Allah for all of it is. There is only Allah desiring to love and be loved. All it is you see, all it is you meet, it is all Allah. Feel thus only Love for all. It is very simple really.
~ Wald Wassermann