Consciousness underwrites itself.

With all due respect, the last 25 years must go down as one of the most ignorant in the history of humankind with such moronic one-liners as 'on a long enough timeline the survival rate for everyone drops to zero'. My G-d, my G-d indeed. What happened to all the great minds of yesteryear? The sheer stupidity portrayed by some clowns in the entertainment industry is mind boggling indeed. Let me tell that there is no such thing as time. Time has been created to ground Oneself, Everyone is Oneself as in One Indivisible Self and the term 'survival rate' is beyond laughable foolishness for "that which is, always is". Similar well-intended but backward one-liners such as 'we are not figuratively, but literally stardust' (being uttered by none other than a current lead astrophysicist) must have the likes of David Bohm, John Archibald Wheeler and Robert Dicke shaking their heads in utter disbelief. Note to prospective astrophysicists: 'consciousness underwrites itself and yes, it is one without a second'. Feel free to use the words manifest, physical or materialized between 'it' and 'self' until it clicks. There is only One Self! Oneself Itself Is. Love all, hurt none, all one.
~ Wald Wassermann