The Sweetness of the Mango is the Essence of Self

The sweetness of the mango is the essence of life; life's essence cannot be described in words... it can only be 'felt'. There are a couple of words that I personally feel closely relate to the sweetness of the mango; they are सच्चिदानन्द (Satcitananda) and आत्मप्रेम (Atma-Prema); for the Self is Love itself (प्रेममूर्ति). Allow me to illustrate the above with the wonderful story about the king who asks his guru to tell him the truth about the real meaning of life. The guru says: 'Ah, wise king, how do you tell someone the truth who has never had anything as sweet as what the mango tastes like?' When the king struggled and failed to describe the mango, he asked the guru, 'then, how would you explain the sweetness of the truth?'. With a big smile and laugh, the guru handed the king a mango and told him, 'take a bite; that sweetness is the truth.' The sweetness of the truth is like the taste of the mango. Now let go of your worries my Love. All is always G-d. God is That what is Sweetness. And thou art that as well my Love. Thou art that... the embodiment of Love itself. There is no separation; you are for you are.
~ Wald