Duality is a Smokescreen; Life is Love in Reality.

I understand now. Love is playing hide and seek with itself, and, with Love, I do mean Life for Life is Love in its manifest form. Love (Life) instinctively knows it is Love but does not want to find itself for it realizes it would dissolve back into its (unmanifest) self. It itself therefore upholds the state of Maya while in its own physical manifestation.  It is only so that it, Love, can experience itself. What it means is that the goal of Love is to experience Love itself and it does so through its physical manifestation which is based on duality although its true nature is non-dual. Duality exists so that Love can physically experience itself. Feel free to replace the word Love with God for God is Love. Duality is not real indeed but Love most certainly is. Brilliant, absolutely brilliant. That being said, I think it is okay to see through the smokescreen, especially when it comes to relationships for in reality, we are Love meeting Love (itself). And we should also realize that duality is mutuality in reality.
~ Wald