Life is Love experiencing itself as Life.

The answer to the question 'are we all experiencing the same reality' is yes. Quantum physics tells us that the observer and the observation are one, a statement echoed by the sages since time immortal, — the lover and the beloved are one and inseparable; existence/consciousness is one without a second. The very foundation of (this one) reality is Love on which our individual ego-perceptions of reality are layered- or superimposed upon. We could state that it is the restless mind that masks the hearts' truth. So what then is this truth? The truth is you as you are Love. You would not be if you were not. There is, in reality, nothing that is not Love. Love is existence itself. All that exists exists for it is Love. It is Love that is the foundation of its own reality. Reality is Love experiencing its own existency. The answer to question as if we are all experiencing the same reality is thus indeed 'yes' although our mind-created perceptions of this reality may differentiate from each other according to our individual level of love-realization; the awareness of being Love itself. The unknowing of being Love is known as Māyā (Sanskrit: माया). Ma means 'not' and Ya/Yah means 'aware/being present'. Awakening as Love is waking up to the reality of being Love itself.
~ Wald Wassermann