SELF - The Secret of How Life on Earth Began.

The answer to the question as 'how did life (on earth) begin is an abstraction. Life is not life but Self experiencing itself as Life. As I have previously stated; the origin of Life is simply Self, i.e., Self physically experiences itself as Life. Verily all this is Self; (this) OneSelf Itself Is (aka God). Self veils itself (its own manifoldness) with the illusion of separation which is known in Sanskrit as ā¤Žाā¤¯ा. The illusion of separation is thus self-created. The answer to the question as to why we have veiled ourselves with the illusion of separation is, not to oppose each other, but to Love each other. Remember that in the beginning was Self (aka God/Brahman/Allah/et al). Self felt loneliness and multiplied itself to experience Love. Love and Love alone is the purpose why plurality exists. Plurality is not duality but the mutuality of Oneself/God experiencing itself for the purpose of Love alone. When Self is ignorant of its own purpose it causes discord as is the case with global conflicts. Harmony is the result of Self being aligned with its own purpose. To keep it simple: humankind needs to align with its purpose. The more it strays from its purpose, the more it causes discord. The more it aligns with its purpose, the more harmonious it will feel. Love, simply Love for Love is our purpose.
~ Wald Wassermann