The Fall of Man from God is an Illusion

"Do we have it wrong about creation? (YES). Is God still with us (YES), or did our creator abandon our species? (NO) Have we fallen from grace? (YES AND NO).  All these ego-encapsulating questions allow God to ignore it is God itself. It is self-delusional to state that we 'once' lived in the presence of God in the Garden of Eden. God self-exists as all that is and Earth is the Garden of Eden. It is true that we have forgotten we are God which indeed translates to the fall of grace. Grace is knowing that not only all is God but that God is One Self (God is I, I is 1, I is 1-Self, I is Oneself). There never was anything but God. God Itself Is. God Self Is. Self is God. There is no separateness in God for God is (the) One Indivisible Self. Oneself is God and God is Oneself. Let not the illusion of separateness be confusing to you for separation is a Self-created mirage serving the purpose of companionship, warmth and togetherness alone; it most commonly known as Love. God gave birth to itself equates to Self gave birth to itself in the understanding that Self is Oneself. There never was anything but us as One for we are; Oneself Itself Is and division does not exists; all there is is Oneself experiencing itself as diversity while remaining One undifferentiated Self; Oneself. Oneself is all of reality. There where you see separateness or otherness is only Oneself. There where you see others is only Oneself. The heavens, the firmament, the air, the water, the earth and all that lives on it; it is all you experiencing you. Oneself upholds itself. God upholds itself. So remember Oneself is God. God bring-, binds- and holds itself together. All this is Oneself. The House of God is God itself. God self-creates itself equates to Oneself creates itself. There never was neither ever will be any abandonment from God, and, the fall of man from God is an ignorant and ill-conceived delusion out of non Self-recognition/Self-denial. All there ever was was God. God (it)Self is. See all as Self. See all as God. Love each other for there is no other but all of you as One for you are. The return to grace is One Self-recognition/recognizing Oneselfness; it is recognizing all is I and that any perception of separation is an illusion (represented by the apple). Satan is the individual EGO that sees itself separate from its true Self. The snake is simply Kundalini Rising or Oneself-realization/Realizing Oneselfness without any separateness.
~ Wald Wassermann