Life is Real; it is just that it Really is Love.

Love longs for itself, therefore, resulting in itself. Humanity must recognize itself as Love, for it is precisely the non-recognition of Self as Love that is the primary cause of all anguish in this world. It is correct to note that reality is Self-realized with Self being Love itself. To be more precise: Reality is Love realized for it is the realization of ourselves. Beware thus of those who state that everything in Life is just an illusion for they remain ignorant about themselves. Reality (life) is not an illusion (as thought by Advaita Vedanta), neither is it in any way inferior to the absolute, but rather is the most real for it exists as the living embodiment of the absolute: Divine Love in its physical form 'is' Life. Behold the truth to be Self-evident as Love is you as you are or would not be. Verily all this is Love; Love itself 'is'. The secret of happiness lies thus not in the renunciation of Life but to see Life as Love celebrating itself. In other words; Life is the embodiment of Love. Love is the law for it wills itself into existence. All that exists is Love. Love is the only thing here.
~ Wald