Brahman Self-Exists.

There is nothing that is not Brahman; Brahman itself exists; Brahman self-exists. To see any separation between the manifest and the unmanifest, a difference between the immaterial and the material is ultimately an illusion; an abstraction. All there is is Brahman; Brahman (it)Self Is. Brahman self-experiences itself through its manifest existency. The answer to the question as to what is Brahman is Love. The need to love and be loved (it)Self is Brahman with Blissfulness being the mechanism through which Brahman births itself into its own physical manifestation with life thus being the most sublime accomplishment. See all as Brahman; see all as (one undifferentiated) Self. Verily Brahman is all there is.
~ Wald Wassermann (the above dedicated to Sant Jñānadeva (Sant Dnyaneshwar)