Spirit is Oneself: Definition of Prayer

Spirit is Oneself; Oneself itself is. I repeat. Oneself itself always is. There used to be a time when shamans were greatly adhered for their connection to Spirit, to God, to their Self for it was known that there was only Oneself and that it spoke through the hearts of those who opened themselves up to seeing all as themselves. So then it must be discovered yet again that a mind disconnected from its own heart-centered purpose of beingness is against Spirit. Spirit has always been Oneself. The purpose of Oneself is companionship; Spirit simply seeks to love and be loved and does not like harm done to others for it itself 'is' without another, without a second. Otherness exists for love and love alone; not for exploitation, not to cause suffering regardless as to, that what humanity calls, the species. If too much suffering happens, Spirit corrects itself, Oneself corrects itself. Oneself will always re-align itself according to its own self-existential need. Know thus then that you should all come to realize that all the others are all the you.
~ Wald