Desire Causes Onself to Experience Itself as Manifoldness.

The answer to the question as - How did the first cell know how to divide itself? - is desire, that is to say, that the desire or need for love caused Oneself to manifest itself.  Did Oneself cause itself to split in two? No. This is an abstraction. Oneself never split itself in two; all there ever was was Oneself experiencing itself as manifoldness. Rewind before the first cell division, you need to go back, way back, before such illusory man-created abstractions were invented such as as phospholipid bilayers, dna and rna for all of these are distractions that elude Oneself from its own self-evident truth. Go back to the beginning of that which you call the Universe for it is all of you as One for you are. The Universe is Oneself. Oneself experiences itself as that what it itself calls the Universe. Do you understand? Oneself itself is; it always has been, there is nothing but Oneself. There are no others. Separation is the grandest of all illusions. Oneself created itself as manifoldness for the only purpose to love and be loved. Did Oneself's ignorance of itself cause it to go war against itself? Yes. This was never the purpose however; it happened because Oneself was not consciousness of it being itself. It most not happen again. It is why Oneself is waking up. Oneself is seeking to align itself with its self-existential purpose. You can replace the word 'Oneself' with 'God' if it makes you feel more comfortable. It doesn't make any difference.
~ Wald Wassermann