Anxiety is caused by God not realizing it is God.

Self-imagined separation-anxiety is the leading cause of most of the world's problems. It happens when the individual ego sees itself as separate from its true self; this Oneself that is God. It almost seems certain to me that all past conflicts, especially global conflicts such as war, as well as violence and most anxieties, although perhaps not all of them, are caused by God not realizing it is God itself. Let me repeat this: most conflicts and anxieties are caused by God perceiving itself as separate from itself. Let me tell you that God is Oneself: this One undivided, inseparable, and undifferentiated Self which we call existence. God is not external but self-exists as existence; undivided. Division is an abstraction; a fallacy. In other words, 'that which is, itself is without any separation whatsoever.' God is Oneself and Oneself is God and any separateness is imagined. All that is is God, and there is nothing that is not. God is not separate from any of its own parts. How could it be? It is impossible. God is all the elements combined. Can we be outside this combination? Can any parts exist outside the sum? Of course not; the sum itself is the One and the One is Oneself. The illusion of separation we see between, for example, a woman or a man, the earth or the sky, the birds chirping in the trees; they are all illusory separations. They are all Oneself. Oneself purposely deludes itself so it can experience itself; not to fight or to oppose itself, but to find joy, friendship, and warmth and yes, love, in the shelter of its own manifoldness. Oneself speaks, hears, talks, smells, senses, perceives, experiences itself. Sure, we can continue to call Oneself God. God speaks, God hears, God talks, God smells, God senses, God perceives, God experiences itself. As long as we remember that God is this One indivisible Unity that it itself is, that it itself exists. Otherness is a fallacy; all there is, is Oneself.  Oneself itself eternally is.
~ Wald