Krishna is diversified but knows no division.

Is Sri Krishna a myth? No. Krishna is Oneself. What does it mean? Krishna is One indivisible Self, meaning existence, i.e., indivisible reality. Reality is Oneself. Oneself is Krishna. Indeed; there are no others for existence is One without a second. Krishna is a child that simply seeks to play with his friends. We are that child seeking friendship, joyfulness, playfulness, love! Just like it is said that there is only Brahman, so it is with Krishna. Krishna is One without a second. There is no such thing as division. There is only diversification. Indeed; Krishna is diversified but knows no division. Diversification exists for the purpose of companionship. Companionship exists to escape loneliness. Loneliness is the cause and Love is the purpose. In conclusion: Krishna is Oneself without division. There is only us as One for we are. There is only Oneself. See all as Self, feel only Love. Love is the only purpose, the only purpose is Love.
~ Wald