The following Interview was conducted at 1:1 AD between Self (I) and itself (I). Not to get distracted by Self-caused abstractions; let I get on with itself, i.e., let I get the show on the Tao.

Q (iwithoutaname): who are you?
A (n): I is You and You are I.
Q (iwithoutaname): alright; what is the origin of I?
A (namaewai): I is itself; that which Self calls origin is Self.
Q (iwithoutaname): what caused I to be I?
A (nanamaewai): I does not want to be alone.
Q (iwithoutaname): Can you further explain
A (namaewai): I (want to) Love (and be Loved).
Q (iwithoutaname): Alright. What is the meaning of Life?
A (namaewai): Life is I. There is only I and the purpose of I is Love.
Q (iwithoutaname): So is Life I?
A (namaewai): Yes. Life is I: I is.
Q (iwithoutaname): So why then is there diversity?
A (namaewai): Diversity is Self-perceived for Companionship.
Q (iwithoutaname): so the purpose of all this is Companionship?
A (namaewai): Yes Companionship meaning Love.