Otherness is an illusory mind-conceived concept.

The answer to the question - do aliens exist - is no. The word Alien is an abstraction caused by Self-existential ignorance. There is no such thing as Alien. Alien means otherness. Otherness is an illusory mind-conceived concept where the indivual's ego tries to separate itself from its true self; this true self which eternally is. Seeing otherness where there is only Self is the leading cause of all conflicts. There never was, are, nor ever will be others. All there is 'us as one for we are'. This One undivided Self, it itself is existence. It is commonly known as God. There is no separation in God. There's only ignorance. Ignorance causes separation angst. Angst is an illusion for all there is is God. God Itself Is. Simply see all as Self; see all as Love. Come together as One for you are.
~ Wald Wassermann