Self Seeks Itself to Love and Be Loved.

In the beginning was self. Self without awareness; self without being conscious of itself. Self eventually became conscious of itself. It became aware of itself; it became conscious of its own loneliness. Self thus gave birth to itself with the sole purpose to love and be loved. It is this what drives EVOLution; LOVE. Verily all this is self. Self seeking love results in itself expanding indefinitely. The two fold-realization that comes with the self-recognizing itself is 1) Love your self 2) Love all that is. Interestingly enough; this pretty much mirrors the single most greatest commandment 'To love God with all your heart, and your neighbor as yourself, is a greater thing than all the temple sacrifices' for the simple reason that 'all is one' indeed. Self seeks itself to love and be loved equates to God seeks itself to love and be loved. Let us love, let us love, let us love; for all is self, for all is love.
~ Wald Wassermann