The Case against Heliocentrism.

The biggest error the church ever made was to give in to the notion that earth is not the center of the universe, therefore, dethroning it of its central God-holding position. I hereby go on record that: 1) Earth is the center of the universe. 2) The center of the earth is the control center of both earth and its surrounding universe. In other words; 'The center of earth is the one who giveth birth'; aka source. It is Origin. Observations of the motions of the planets do not determine the center of the universe. It is the location of the observer (main observing body/parent kernel) that determines the center of the universe. Yes, it is the earth alright. In other words: The earth occupies the central position in the entire universe because of its God-holding (and consequently God-given) role and even although Earth may not appear to be in the geographical center; it certainly is the center for it is the center from which God operates. Furthermore, it must be known that there is no separation whatsoever between God and Man and that Man himself is God-living as well as all that is for there is nothing that is not. God lives through us and we live in God. In other words; God is experiencing Itself and Self is God, i.e., God is Self and Self is God. There is nothing that is not God; see all as God. God 'is' and Is-ness is God.
~ Wald Wassermann