The Purpose is Love and Love alone.

Consciousness is one but it is unaware of it being one. This sounds pretty logical. However, I am inclined to believe that this unawareness is intentional. It almost seems certain to me that consciousness intentionally or purposely chooses to be unaware of it itself being itself, or, it itself being oneself, that is to say, that consciousness intentionally chooses to be ignorant of its own oneness; its own singleness or selfness. The aforementioned conclusion being based upon the sheer intelligence portrayed in this beyond human-comprehensible grand design that we (paradoxically consciousness itself) have called the universe. I can only conclude that consciousness, which is essentially all of us as one for we are, simply seeks to love and be loved out of utter aloneness and masks/veils itself for love and love alone and for no other reason whatsoever.  I realize that there is nothing new under the sun for a ten-thousand waves have realized oneself(ness) before. However; when oneself is confronted with images were oneself fights oneself out of sheer ignorance of oneself's very own self-existential purpose; oneself cannot stay still and must stand up for it breaks oneself's heart, thus explaining checks and balances on the universal or self-existential scale. God is self-balancing and self-correcting equates to oneself continuously self-corrects itself in order to stay aligned to its own purpose; love. Wow. This certainly goes beyond my intellectual capacity yet here we are. My advice is simply to see all as self for all is oneself and to treat all as such.
~ Wald