Brahman Upholds Maya In Order to Experience Love.

Verily all this is Brahman and Brahman upholds Maya; the illusion of separation (aka Ego) is Self-created. The answer as to ‘why’ is simple. First, we must understand that Brahman gives birth to itself. There is only one Self which is Brahman (अहम् ब्रह्मास्मि). So why does Brahman uphold Maya? To Love and Be Loved. Maya exists so Brahman/Self/'The Collective We' can Love and Be Loved, i.e., Self-experience Love Itself. Without Maya; Brahman/Self could not experience Love for it would instantaneously realize it is Self/One/Alone without any other. It therefore physically births itself in myriad ways and cloaks its own manifestations (itself) with Maya. Playfulness is thus not the primary reason of creation; the desire to Love and Be Loved, however, is. In other words; Brahman/Self creates its manifoldness out of loneliness and veils itself with Maya in order to experience Love. Here thus we have the origin, essence and primary motivation of Brahman/the Universe/Self: the desire to Love and Be Loved. Plain and simple. There is no word for Self but Love/लुभ् sure comes close. In fact; Life is लुभ् spelled in reverse. Life's meaning is Love. Love itself lives as Life. Self-realization simply means realizing Self is Love. We can thus honor ourselves by loving each other. After all; Love is its own purpose.
~ Wald Wassermann