God is all that is as One for it is.

OK, I admit, I am God. In fact, there is nothing but God. God (it)Self Is. God is all that is as One for it is. It is all of you together as One for you are. There never was any separation. Separation is a self-created smokescreen; an illusion we ourselves (otherwise known as I) have created! Why oh why is there such an illusion? To love people! To love! Love is the only reason; not to fight!  If you knew you were you without any other; you would not be able to love and be loved. Love is the only reason why the illusion of separation exists. But all of you are one and the same. All of you are one. There are in truth no others. One itself is. Oneself itself is. Yes, you can call yourself God. It doesn't matter. God is Oneself as in One Undivided Self! There where you see others is only you!
~ Wald