In the beginning was Self.

In the beginning was Self. Self without awareness, Self without being conscious of itself. Self gradually became aware of itself; it became conscious of itself. Self felt a crushing loneliness so Self began to dream the most wondrous dreams. Self dreamed about warmth and love and the shelter that companionship would provide. Self slowly started to create itself according to its own image. Self created itself as a garden of wonderful abundance after which it birthed itself as man and woman and veiled man and woman with a thin layer of separation for the sole purpose to physically feel the love and warmth it so had longed for. The layer of separation, however, being so thin that it easily could be dissolved for Self wanted to be found, that is to say, Self secretly wanted that man and woman would discover they were one and the same. It is said that Self cannot be grasped by science nor reason but only by he or she who grasps her- or his true Self. We can replace the word Self with Love for it is the need to love and be loved that Self is; that Self-exists. Similarly; we can also use the words God, Brahman, Allah, the Buddha, Ahura Mazda, the One, Consciousness, etc if it feels more comfortable for it doesn't change the fact that all of us are this one, this one Self seeking love, warmth and togetherness. The statements that 'God seeks Love' or 'Oneself seeks Love' are both correct for all of this is God/Self.
~ Wald