Leading from the Heart: The Return to Purpose.

The challenge for global leadership is to balance systemic societal stress in the understanding that One experiences itself as the sum of its (self-imagined) individual parts but which are, as previously said, just One (itself) in reality. It almost seems certain to me that, when society, experiences prolonged exposures of stress, it will cause society to correct itself with whatever methods it itself deems necessary. We should, however, change the word society to "I", "The Absolute" and eventually "Oneself". Oneself/The Absolute feels itself as it is One symbiotic whole. I am under the impression that before we tackle the environment, we, humankind, needs to establish a framework that prevents any future suffering upon each other, after which, we can broaden the framework to include all sentient species and the environement. I believe Oneself's (The Absolute's) main motivation is indeed love, warmth and togetherness and to escape aloneness. Oneself (the Absolute) has experienced a lot of stress for various reasons: the imbalance between work and life (time off), global conflicts, intentional suffering caused to others (which is in reality self) including but not limited to all sentient species but also minors, the breaking down of the traditional family (caused by the rise of the delusional egoic self who is no longer educated to see its self in all), et al. In theological terms: 'God feels itself'. As I have previously stated; when it was decided to separate (that which society calls) religion from state and the public school system; it threw out the baby with the bathwater. Religion is Oneself as in One Indivisible Self. Oneself/The Absolute brings-, binds- and holds itself together out of its first and only need; Love. Perhaps it is time to re-address who we are so that we can once again re-align ourselves to our primordial purpose and this through a joint (global) initiative. The first and only purpose is Love; it will never change.