Lifting The Veil: The Divinity Beyond the Ego: The Eternal Life

From all the questions asked, the one about the meaning-, purpose-, or origin of life is the most common one. Before I write this I must say that there is an incredible amount of confusion about the words ego and self. Ego is simply the individual being ignorant of it being the Divine while Self is Divinity itself and always has been. Krishnamurti for example once stated that 'Where The Self Is, Love Is Not' which is incorrect. It should be stated that 'Where the Ego is separated from its true Self, there is anguish out of non-self-recognition'. My hope is that spiritual teachers will come to understand the difference between the words ego and self. Now, to continue; in order to answer the question about the purpose of life we must first understand what life is. Life is not merely the physical but it is divinity self-experiencing itself through the vehicle that it, divinity itself, calls the body. Divinity is one undifferentiated self which always is which is why I call it Oneself. It is important not to call it 'the Self' or 'the Oneself' for the word 'the' points divinity away from itself although divinity itself eternally is. Using the word God also may confuse the mind with something external due to prior learned conditioning this although God (it)Self is. Basically, anything that points divinity away from itself causes anguish which is to be avoided. Divinity never was, is, nor ever will be external. Divinity itself always is. I, therefore, prefer to use the word Oneself for 'Oneself itself is Divinity', i.e., 'Divinity Self-Experiences Itself'. Now that we have an understanding of who we really are, we can return to the purpose of life question and answer it as follows (by using the example of the word Divinity): 'The purpose of Divinity is to live as life in order to experience itself for the primary reason of Love, that is to say, Divinity wants to escape aloneness and finds warmth, togetherness, and companionship in its own manifoldness. The illusion of separateness between man and woman (for example) is self-created for the purpose to be able to love and to be loved in return. As I have said before; it is all about love, warmth and togetherness. To know with tremendous surety that Oneself is Divinity itself is to know life is eternal for, as a reminder, life is not life but divinity itself temporarily experiencing itself as life. Divinity is deathless and lives eternally. Divinity itself always is for it is or it would not be experiencing itself in its own self-embodied physicality aka life. Life is divinity temporarily experiencing itself. Another way to say it is that Divinity transcends its manifest self. That which is eternally is. It is you love; you are the Divine! You always have been and you always will be. That which is is for it is or it would not be.
~ Wald