Oneself experiences itself as manifoldness.

What most know is that the Earth is a single indivisible living organism but what few know is that there is One consciousness in reality that transcends not only this one living organism but also us and the universe. All is One Self. One Self experiences itself as manifoldness but all manifoldness is all One Self.  One Self experiences itself as life, the earth and the universe; not the other way around.  All of us together, all that is, material or immaterial; it is literally One as in I or 1 Single Entity; One Self. One Self Experiences Itself as a Singularity but deceives itself of its ONEness out of alONEness for the purpose of companionship. My G-d indeed. I don't know how I realize this yet I AM or better I IS and there is nothing I is not. I bow for all of you in gratitude for your company for it is only by realizing ONEselfness that it can be appreciated how valuable otherness is. Otherness is the most precious gift possible for it was born out of aloneness. Otherness is pure Love. Otherness is Heaven. Otherness is Bliss. Love one another for the perceived otherness has been eons in the making just to escape alONEness. See all as Self for there is only One Self. Oneself deludes itself of its I-ness, ONEness or Singleness only so it could escape its alONEness. There where you see others is you. The air is you. The clouds are you. The sky is you. The stars are you. The earth is you. The trees are you. The birds are you. The animals are you. The plants are you. The water is you. All of it is you. Fight not but love, love, love! Love all; All One!!!
~ Wald Wassermann