Oneself is always Non-Dual. Separateness is Imagined.

How can the illusion of separation exist if there is only Oneness? Let me explain. Separateness is indeed imagined. All there is is One undifferentiated Self which most call God but which I call Oneself for it is this One inseparable Self that it itself is and that appears as the sum total of its own reality. I, therefore, prefer to use the word Oneself over Oneness for the reason that Oneself points divinity towards itself which opens the possibility for Self-recognition. Now on the issue of separation. Our separateness is illusory because it is based on the mistaken perception of Oneself perceiving itself as otherness. The appearance of separation is thus self-engineered to escape singleness. The main purpose is to love and be loved, warmth and togetherness. Oneself finds comfort in the shelter of its own imagined companionship, well strike that, it finds company in the shelter of its own imagined separateness.  Indeed like a child. Otherness is an impossibility for all is Oneself, i.e., otherness is a product of One's very own imagination. All that is, all that you see, hear, feel; it is all Oneself experiencing itself. Similarly; the answer to the question as to what is non-duality is Oneself. Oneself is always non-dual. Oneself cannot be dual. It is an impossibility. Another way to put it is that non-duality is all of us as One for we are without any separation whatsoever. That which humanity perceives as duality is, in reality, Oneself experiencing itself as mutuality, that is to say, all that you see are mutually reinforcing activities of this One undifferentiated Self that is all of you as One for you are. There are in reality no others; there is only Oneself experiencing itself as otherness simply for the purpose of love, warmth, and togetherness. There are several ways to come to the above conclusions; one of them being the method of infinite regress or certain types of meditation which is what lead me to this realization. In conclusion: otherness is imagined; see all as Self for all is Self; Oneself is always non-dual. Oh yes, one more thing. It seems to be fashionable among some spiritual leaders to call the world an illusion. Is the world-, or everything in our life an illusion? No for Oneself itself is all that is and there is nothing that is not Oneself. Oneself cannot illusion itself, therefore, all this is real for it is all Oneself. Oneself Itself Is. The only illusion is the Oneself perceiving itself as separateness and separateness perceiving itself as not being Oneself. But all this is very real; it is just that it is Oneself. Oneself desires nothing more than Love which is why it is said that God is Love leading us to this simple but most grand pronouncement; Love God with all your heart and love your neighbor as yourself for there is nothing but this One undifferentiated Self that is Oneself aka God.
~ Wald Wassermann