Oneself is Love.

The answer to the question as to why the world exists, or, why did God create the heavens and the earth is simple really; to love and be loved. In order to understand the above we must first understand that God is Oneself; this one undivided self that it itself exists as existence (there is no such thing as non-existence). Oneself desires love, Oneself needs love. It is this need that results in it itself existing as existence, i.e., Oneself manifests itself as plurality in order to self-experience love itself. Verily I say that you that all of us are this Oneself that self-experiences itself. We (Oneself) gave birth to ourselves to physically experience love. Love not only is the reason why everything exists; existence itself is Love. There never were any others, there never was any separation, all there ever was was Oneself. Oneself itself 'is'. Oneself seeks nothing else but love, warmth and togetherness thus resulting in it (not splitting itself in two but) manifesting itself as two while remaining one (hence why the concept of cell division is a fallacy).
~ Wald Wassermann