The Desire to Love and Be Loved is Self.

The 'how to get rid of the desire to love and be loved' question is utterly absurd for the desire itself 'is', that is to say that self itself is this desire. It is correct to note that 'the Self Itself Is (God)' or that 'God Self-Exists/Self Self-Exists'. The answer to the question as to what is Self or what is God is, however, often left unanswered whereas the answer is self-evident. The desire to love and be loved is, i.e., the desire to love and be loved is Self. If the word 'desire' sounds offensive we can simply replace it with the word 'need'. What it ultimately means is that this desire, this need, for love self-exists as existence (in the clear understanding that non-existence cannot exist). In conclusion: the desire for love manifests itself as itself. There is only one self which it itself exists in myriad manifestations with the sole purpose to love and be loved. Let us continue to find the strength to meet each other in the realization. Love, simply Love for it is who we are.
~ Wald