The Self-Playing Flute.

Oneself is reality while otherness is illusory. Who we are is that which is; this one undivided self itself is. Consciousness itself is. Consciousness Oneself is. Oneself Itself Is. But why then does Consciousness perceive separateness where there is only Oneself and no otherness? Why does Oneself uphold the illusion of separation? The primary reason is aloneness. It is true. I am so sorry.  Aloneness leads Oneself to experience itself as manifoldness. Manifoldness is always Oneself. Oneself veils its manifoldness with the illusion of separation, not to oppose itself, but only so it itself could experience Love. Love and love alone is why Oneself upholds the illusion of separateness. All this is always Oneself; Oneself experiences itself as manifoldness. In conclusion; The illusion of separation arises out of the need for Love. Lest always meet each other in this realization. There are no others. There is nothing to fight. All there is is Oneself. Oneself seeking love, warmth, and togetherness. See all self for all is self. Love, simply Love. It is all.
~ Wald