The Universe is Self-Created.

Verily, all this is self. The universe is self-created. We are self-created. In fact, all of this is self-created. We are self, self-creating itself. And with we, I mean we, collectively as one. All of this is us. What it means is that that which we are, is non-physical, but experiences itself through embodying itself in its self-created physicality. The purpose is so innocent, so romantic and so simple. There is no second thought or ulterior motive. We embody ourselves in order to feel, to physically feel ourselves, to physically feel love by living as life. It is love that drives (our) evolution for it is what we essentially are, — we are love experiencing ourselves/itself. An evolution of love; all of it... love, love, love! Love is the only thing here. The only motivation is Love so that we can feel ourselves! Amazing, utterly amazing and so very very wonderful. Sure, we can call self 'consciousness' for it is one and the same, — God/consciousness desires love resulting in its manifest self, its physical manifestation, for the sole purpose to physically feel love itself. It is all good for it is all love! Everything is self indeed. Self self-experiences itself. Self manifests itself. Self upholds itself. Self feels itself. The air is self, sound is self, water is self, the sun is self, all of it. Love reveling in itself. Simply to feel; to feel self. Consciousness wants to feel love; yes, it is correct. Brilliant, absolutely brilliant. What a most incredible accomplishment all of this is.
~ Wald