The unmanifest and manifest are (the same) Love.

The manifest and unmanifest are One and the same. This One is Self and this Self is Love. Knowing there is only One Self, One Love, then how can it not be real? Of course it (Love) is real; it is the only real that exists. There is only real and unreal does not exist, i.e., there is only Love and anything not Love does not exist. What it means is that reality is Love in reality. Love itself is; it is real in both its unmanifest and manifest state. In other words: the same Love exists in two states at once; unmanifest and manifest. It is known in quantum physics as superposition. Remember thus that there is no illusion whatsoever in regards to reality; there is only ignorance. Ignorance is basically forgetfulness of being Love itself while knowledge is the realization or knowing of being Love itself. Love itself is or it would not be. Love realization, or the realization of being Love itself, is thus the goal of Life.
~ Wald