There are no others; all there is is Oneself.

What does this word tolerance even mean? The first step is to understand that you exist because of the tolerance of others, and vice versa, that others exist because of the tolerance of you. But this remains an abstraction of sorts for there are no others, there is no you as in separateness, there is only Oneself which exists as plurality. All this plurality is Oneself experiencing itself as plurality in reality. There is no such thing as separation. Separation is an abstraction born out of ignorance of One's true Self; this true Self which is all. What it means is that Oneself manifests itself as manifoldness for the sole purpose of Love; yes indeed, out of loneliness. All there is 'all of us as One for we are'; this One Oneself Itself Is. Isness (it)Self is. See all as Self for all is Self. All the others are all the you.
~ Wald Wassermann