There is NO Death; there is only One Self; Oneself is Eternal.

It is correct to note that Truth is One. Then who is this One? Is this One external? Is One internal? Naturally not for that implies division. Division there is none. Thus we come to the realization that Truth is Oneself. It is Oneself which is undivided but which perceives itself as divided not to be alone. Aloneness is indeed the cause for the illusion of separation, for the perception of otherness. Otherness does not exist. Existence is One Unified Whole. The whole simply experiences itself as variegated for Companionship. Companionship is the purpose of Life diversified. Life diversified is Oneself experiencing itself as diversified, as individuals, as plurality not to be alone. Does it matter? Yes for two reasons. The first reason is that there is nothing to fight for all there is is Oneself desiring Love. Why would Oneself fight itself? It is like fighting a shadow that is not there for all that is here is Oneself. There is thus nothing more absurd than wars or conflicts for these all stem from ignorance. The second reason is that there is no death in reality for Oneself is eternal. That which humankind perceives as Life, as birth and death, are in truth Oneself. It is Oneself which births itself as manifold beings not to be alone. What dies then? There is no such thing as death for Oneself eternally is. Celebrate thus your individuality but remain firmly rooting in knowing that that which you are is in truth The Eternal Life celebrating itself as Life Temporal. Thou art The Eternal Life celebrating itself as itself. The word Oneself and The Eternal Life may be replaced with God at any time for a better understanding. In other words: it's all G-d.

~ Wald