To Love all is to Love Oneself.

Self Self-Exists, Self (it)Self is, it is I that is One which appears as manifoldness. To see separateness in Oneself's manifoldness is illusory. All there is is Oneself experiencing itself for the sole purpose of Love, Warmth and Togetherness.  Oneself is all that is for there is nothing that is not. Existence is One without a second for Oneself exists as existence. The creation is the creator experiencing itself. Only those who are ignorant of Oneself see duality where there is the mutuality of One's very own Self in reality. Verily I say to you that all is Oneself so see all as Self. Self (it)Self exists and all this is Self experiencing its own existency and that is G-d for it would not be if it were not. There are no others for there is only you as One for you are. There never was, is or never will be any separation so Love, Love, Love! To Love all is to Love Oneself. Love is you Love; you are Love! It is Love that is alive! Wake up from the dream of separation. All is Oneself!
~ Wald Wassermann