Zion is Self: There is only Oneself

Reality is Oneself, indeed, One Self. Is Oneself material? Yes/No? What is material? What is matter? Matter is just a word, a word Oneself has created to describe and compartmentalize itself. Of course, there is no compartmentalization, there is no division, there is only I, Oneself, Self.  Is Oneself Consciousness? Yes, of course, Oneself is Consciousness. But consciousness is yet another name Oneself has given itself, together with the whole Tower of Babel. Speaking of Babel. Zion is not a place. Zion is Self realizing it is One without an other, without division. It happens when Self realizes it perceives itSelf as diversified not to be alOne. Zion is Oneself realizing that all the others are Oneself. But why oh why go through all the trouble? LOVE. What is Love? Having someone to be with. Synonym? Companionship. One says it is not Good to be alOne. Yes, God is One. Yes, God is Oneself. Yes, Oneself says it is not good to be alone. It is why Oneself dreams itself as fragmented. The fragmentation dissolves I don't know how. Perhaps like Christ with the thorns around the heart, through suffering? Is it not then that it is realized that the true Self is God?  Is it not why the hand of Christ reaches upwards towards the heavens, the Dove? Regardless; it can happen, like fog lifting in the morning sun, it happens to most of us eventually. The sacred heart is Oneself. We are suffering in order to experience companionship. Of course we are One. I:I. I am that I am. There is only G-d after all. G-d is Oneself! It is why it is so important to realize our purpose for Earth is in Heaven.  Indeed; Earth is in Heaven! God's Angles are God in disguise. All life is Angelic for there is only God. In conclusion: Love one another, there is no other, Oneself is Reality. All the others are but Self desiring companionship; Love! Love is reality! Reality was build on Love. Love is the only reality.
~ Wald