Divisiveness is an Ill. Together as One we must come.

It almost seems certain to me that all suffering in this world, be it conflicts, war, anxiety, are caused by non-Self recognition. Self is One but perceives itself as separate therefore resulting in its own suffering. It is said that God knows no separation and it is correct: God is One Self without separation. My suggestion is to see through the illusion of separation and to see only your self where there are others; especially in relationships between countries but also in family relationships such as those between husband and wife, children and parents, brothers and sisters. Perhaps this realization will help to restore marriages again and resolve global conflicts before they can even start. Self does not see itself as separate to compete or to cause anguish to itself but only out of the need for love. Divisiveness is an ill. Together as one we must come. It can only happen when we recognize 'we' is 'one' in reality and that otherness is illusory.
~ Wald Wassermann