All is Always God.

That which is cannot threaten itself. That which is Oneself is! Oneself itself is (the) eternal (one). Oneself regulates itself. Oneself upholds itself. What is Oneself? Oneself is that which eternally is. Oneself is all of us as one for we are; it is all that is as one for it is. It is more commonly known as God. At times of crisis or distress (including but not limited to events beyond the control of government such as national disasters) see not yourself as the individual but try to transcend your individuality and merge into Oneselfness/God/Allness/Love. Oneself/God upholds and regulates itself. What it means is that all this is you and that you are all this. That which is is all of you as one which is why it regulates itself for its own good. It is this why it is said that God is Good (G-d is G-d = I) for God is all of us as one for we are. In other words; ultimately there is nothing to be afraid of for 'that which is itself is'; all this is self; self regulates itself for the purpose of its own Good. All this is you. You are the eternal one. I guarantee it. There's nothing to be afraid about because that which is, itself is! God is God. One is One. Self is Self. I is I. There is no separation within God. There is no separation within One. There is no separation within Self. Try to play around with the words until you discover what makes you feel most comfortable. For example, you can replace the word Oneself or Self with God for it is the same. There is nothing but God; God (it)Self is! Nothing can threaten God for there is nothing but God. It is you; God is all of you as One for you are! In other words: Nothing can threaten you for all this is you. See the planets in the sky? It is you. Fear a meteorite? No worries (wo)man; the meteorite is you! Fear black holes? No worries my love; black holes are you! All this is you and there is nothing that is not you. All that is is Self. Self Itself Is.  All that is is Itself! Oneself itself is! There is no separation whatsoever. I wish I could do a better job of explaining it. But you never ever have to worry again. All is always G-d! . I personally guarantee it. I would not take that risk if I were not absolutely sure. I love you all so very very very much. Now go ahead and spread some love and warmth in this world for it sure needs it.
~ Wald Wassermann