all is g-d for g-d itself is

That which is, itself is. Let me try to explain this another way. Thou art that which is. 'That' is not merely the physical but that what upholds its own physicality. Physicality is oneself experiencing itself. What it means is that all is always G-d for G-d itself is. Yes, of course, the physical is not to be negated but celebrated. What it means is that life is to be celebrated and protected for the purpose of oneself is to physically experience itself. But, at times of distress, it is recommended to transcend the physical and to realize one's true selfness. One's true selfness always is. I personally guarantee it. All is always G-d! The only requirement is to see all as Self and to Love one another. Hold no grudges, forgive all, see only Love. Love is all that matters.
~ Wald Wassermann