All is One Self; One Self Itself Is.

All is One Self; One Self Itself Is. The illusion of separation is upheld by Self to escape alONEness. The purpose of the illusion of separation is Companionship; indeed, it is Love. That which we are, this One Self, seeks nothing else but to love and be loved. One Self knows no such thing as duality. Duality does not exist. One Self experiences itself as mutually reinforcing relationships this although all these relationships are all One Self. All there is is One Self. One Self is all that is as it is. Remember thus the purpose is not to cause anguish or suffering; the only purpose is Love, Warmth and Togetherness. One Self automatically re-aligns itself according to it's most primary need. One Self is all of you as One for you are. See all as Self for all is Self. OneSelf 'Is'; it is this what is G-d.
~ Wald