All of Reality is Oneself Experiencing Itself.

There is nothing but Oneself. Oneself is God. All that is is Oneself experiencing itself. All that is is God experiencing itself. But God is not separate from Oneself; God is Oneself. There is no such thing as externality. All that is perceived as external is all Oneself perceiving itself as external but it is a fallacy for there is nothing but Oneself. That which asks questions is Oneself. That which provides answers is Oneself. Oneself asks itself to believe certain things this although all things are itself. There is nothing that exists outside Oneself. Oneself itself is itself. Reality is not an illusion. Reality is Oneself. Remember these two sentences. They are very important. How could Oneself illusion itself? Remember that there is no separation in reality and that it not only is all One, but that it is all Oneself. In other words, there is no separation between reality and God; all is Oneself experiencing itself. Oneself itself always is.
~ Wald Wassermann