All roads lead home for home (it)Self 'is'.

As I have previously stated; God created itself from nothing. We can replace the word God with Self as long as we realize that God is not the individual Self but the Collective- or the One Indivisible Self which is all that is as One for it is. It is only then that we realize what it means 'Oneself' and the terminology of 'Oneself is God and God is Oneself'. It is indeed I for I equates to One and since this One is not external but Self it is Oneself. Does God uphold itself? Yes. It is correct. God upholds itself equates to Oneself upholds itself. There is nothing but Oneself equates to there is nothing but God. It is thus perfectly fine to state that 'Oneself created itself from nothing' with the conclusion being that 'Oneself is everything'. Again, the above is totally irrelevant where it not for the fact that it shows the eternal life is no myth but a self-evident fact.
~ Wald